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home inspection services

Home Inspection Services David Fairbairn does Vancouver home and property inspections right. His local telephone number is 604-395-2795.

free printable coupons

Free Printable Coupons in local lower mainland B.C. cities. Save up to 75 per cent.

roadrunner automotive

RoadRunner Automotive - owned and managed by David Cohen. Located at 2178 King George Highway, Surrey, B.C. Telephone 604-536-0133.

Shpoonkle where lawyers and clients connect. The high cost of justice will get cheaper if lawyers bid against each other for cases. Clients can post legal woes and lawyers can bid on them. A registered user selects one of 40 categories - from bankruptcy to landlord/tenant to criminal defence. The person posts everything a lawyer or notary might want to hear at an initial meeting. Automatically, an email goes to all registered lawyers and notaries in the area and the bidding begins. The bid can be an hourly rate, a flat fee, a contingency or percentage, or without charge. Only legal professionals registered with Shpoonkle can view the posting.

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